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Apple Bidet EN545

Apple Bidet EN545

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Apple Toilet Bidet - 545EN
Premium Instant Heating System Bidet
Tankless Technology with Uninterrupted warm water cleansing.
Ultra Power Saving technology

Different from usual storage tank system where hot water are stored, The instant heating system operates while in use only.

Convenient & Comfortable
Equip with multiple function for user comfort and convenience
Nozzle position adjustable with user preference
Temperature control for  - Water, Seat, Dryer all can be adjusted with user perference.
Dryer also helps with removing moistures, allowing user to feel more comfort
Heated seat enables user to feel more comfortable during cold weather

Simple & Dynamic Design

Simple and Dynamic design allows for the Bidet to fit in to your everyday household.
A simple addition into your household for a comfort lifestyle.

Hygienic Usage Design

Exchangeable stainless steel nozzle with One-Touch Detachable, Self-cleaning nozzle.
Design to be change easily without hassle, enables for easier and more careful cleaning.

Chemical resistance material P.P (Polypropylene)

The main material used to construct the bidet is made of P.P (Polypropylene) which is proven to have high resistance to chemicals usage.

Eco Saving Design

Instant heating system whcij is build upon Energy Saving Mode.
With seat sensor technology, meaning that the system will only activate once there is contact with the seat surface. Auto-Lock function also acts to save more electricity.
Certified Excellent Standby power reduction.

Touch Type Control Design

Different from traditional controller type where the mechnicism uses button/key controller. The Apple Bidet 545EN uses an upgraded version of touch panel design control alike your average smart phone (Fully water proof tested).

Design Specification

Power Rating : 220V, 50/60Hz , 1260W
Weight : Net 3.7Kg / Gross 5.1Kg
Size : W442  D515  H145 (mm)
Power Cord Length : 1.5m
Water Supply Pressure : 0.7 ~ 7.5kgf/cm2

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