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Artificial Grass

Model: 2M Width Big Size Artificial Grass Carpet Turf
Ex Tax:SGD32.00
Model: Artificial Grass Deck
★★★★NOTE★★★★Stone & Wood can connect with only 3 connector grass deck★8 connector Grass deck can't connect with Stone & Wood deck!..
Ex Tax:SGD6.90
Model: Artificial Grass
* Important note: You may see some grass drop at the beginning, that is due to we cut from big master roll, our product is very durable!Other photo of artificial turf..
Ex Tax:SGD15.00
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Artificial Grass Carpet

Realistic, Hygenic, Comfortable

Artificial grass carpets and grass tiles have always been popular for good reasons.

They are vibrant, beautiful and need zero upkeep!

Compared to actual grass turfs, they are more versatile being able to be installed indoors and much more hygenic!
DeKorea's Artificial grass turfs are top quality, durable and cost much less than those from HUGE home decor Retailers!

DeKorea believe you should be able to enjoy the very best for your home with maximum value!


Artificial grass carpets are much more hygenic and safer than natural grass as it does not contain dirt.

Dirt is a breeding ground for bacterial and micro organisms which may lead to diseases or unwanted pests in your home.

With Artificial grass, there is no danger of staining your hands, feet or precious clothings!


To give our customers the very best quality and prices, we only deal with direct manufacturers!

Decorating your home should never cost a bomb and we sought to bring forth top quality yet affordable products to the sunny shores of Singapore!

We believe you should be able to enjoy the very best for your home with maximum value!


Our grass tiles use a simple interlocking system to ensure easy yet secure installation. To install them simply line them out and click them together just like legos!

Grass carpets are even simpler, simply roll the grass carpet over your desired surface, even it out and you are done!

Who said home decor products cannot be as simple as children toys?

What are you waiting for?
Get your grass carpet now!