Wardrobe's Importance in Design

Wardrobes are no longer a simple storage product.
A stunning range of new wardrobe lamination designs allows interior designers, architects, and homeowners to work wonders with any type of wardrobe to bring out an amazing piece of art that takes center stage in bedroom decor. If you are looking for a unique colour theme for your cosy space, this blog post will be right for you!
We will be discussing how choosing different wardrobe laminate colours can influence your decor and elevate the room. Read on.


If your bedroom’s interior design is dominated by hues of whites and neutrals, using solid colour wardrobe laminates, such as dusky blue, orange, and sunny yellow is the perfect way to add that chic factor to the room. Solid colours are raved about among architects, interior designers, and homeowners as they not only add a contemporary feel to the bedroom but also invoke a sense of peace and joy helping to relax the mind after stressful days.

Product: Solid Laminate


Muted colours, a term used for grey, dull, or desaturated colours, present a great way to create a balancing act with the colour scheme of your bedroom. Muted colours such as rose quartz make an ideal colour for wardrobes in bedrooms with the burnished hues of wood or even pastel colours such as creams and whites. Muted colour wardrobe laminates make an ideal choice for small bedrooms as lighter hues create the illusion of more space.

Product: Muted Sticker Sheet


Wood themes are one of the favourite interior design themes when it comes to Singaporean homes. Wood colours wardrobe laminates not only look classic but also add an earthy vibe to your bedroom. The best way to incorporate wood wardrobe laminateds in your bedroom is to mirror the appeal using a woody accent on your TV unit, side tables, and mirror frames.

Wood laminate

Colour Block

Colour blocking, a combination of solid hues used to create a single bold look, is not only the latest trend on the fashion runway but is also a great approach to interior design. A mix of bright colour wardrobe laminates, paint, and furniture depicts a playful personality and dimension. When it comes to colour blocking, you can either go for bright and bold colours to brighten up your space or play cool using a clever mix of elegant shades.

Product: Colour Block


What could be a better way to introduce a little sunshine in your bedroom than adding a hint of yellow in your wardrobe laminates mix. While adding a splash of yellow on the walls can look boring after a period of time, adding the colour in the form of wardrobe laminates is the perfect way to make your room sunnier and peaceful.

Product: Sunny wall stickers