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Bodyluv Puresome Kitchen Tap Filter

Bodyluv Puresome Kitchen Tap Filter

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Please take note. Puresome Washbasin Tap and Puresome Kitchen Tap are different products.


1. Cobra type Ver.2 (New Launch)

2. Cobra type Ver.2 Filter

3. Hand type

4. Hand type Filter

Bodyluv Puresome Kitchen gives you smooth and strong water pressure as you are doing the dishes! 

Clean water for cooking or drinking with the filter that blocks out rust, heavy metals, and other impurities! 

Simply monitor and change the filter easily every 1-2 months! 

The secret to powerful streams lies on the Metal Spray Plate! There are 510 micro-holes to help save water and boost the water pressure. The device offers 3 types of spray settings- The button on the faucet can adjust the spray setting to meet the needs.

Comes with 1 Puresome Kitchen (Cobra/Hand Type) & 1 Free Filter

Please take note. Puresome Kitchen-Cobra does not offer an adaptor, if an adaptor required, may need to check with a local hardware store for a suitable adaptor for your kitchen faucet

【How do I know whether it will fit my faucet】

1. Please kindly check our content information and see which type suits your faucet before placing an order with us.

2. We do not offer connecting adaptors for kitchen tap.

3. Please check whether the bubbler applicator /tap aerator/ bolt can be removed and kindly measure your faucet's connecting outlet to see whether able to fit our device connecting point.

    (Please do not purchase If the bubbler applicator /tap aerator/ bolt can't be removed )

4. How to measure? Please use a ruler to measure the diameter of the connecting point 

5. Thread pitch size of the screw line gap 1.0mm

6. You also need to take note whether your tap is male or female screw type. If it's female screw, you'll need an adaptor. 

    If it's male type but too small/big to fit our filter, you'll also need to find an adaptor.

* Adaptor can be found via hardware stores *

【How long should I replace the filter】        

Normally we recommend replacing every 1-2 months, but depending on the water quality of your home, it is different for every household, If the filter looks polluted, or if the water pressure is weak, we recommend you to quickly replace the pure filter:)

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