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Gong100 Grease Spot Cleaner

Gong100 Grease Spot Cleaner

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Gong100 Grease Spot Cleaner 280g

Frequency and Direction of Use:
1. please ensure that the knob on grease spot cleaner has to be turned on
2. Spray it gently
3. wait 5-10 minutes, grease spot cleaner will dissolve any stains (turning them into liquid form)
4. use a brush or sponge to gently scrub away the dirt or stain
5. Rinse off with water or use a dry towel or paper towel to wipe it clean
To protect your skin, we recommend to use a pair of rubber gloves.

Purpose(s) For dirt and stain removal
For use on Microwave, Oven, Gas Hood, Stove Top, Washbasin, Floor, Spots, Grease Stains Manufacturing Date On packaging
ingredient(s) Surfactant less than 5% [Nonionic], Sodium Citrate, EDTA4 Sodium, Glyco l Ether, Lemon Extract!

1) Do not use it for other purposes
2) Keep out of reach of children
3) Avoid direct sunlight or heat
4) Please use a mask and a pair of rubber gloves
5) Do not use in a confined space, ensure proper air ventilation after use
6) To avoid color run or damage, please do a test on a small corner before use
7) Do not use it with other products
8) Do not smell the product directly
9) If product gets into your eyes or touches your skin, please rinse off with water immediately
10) If accidentally swallowed, please consult a doctor immediately
11) It may cause deterioration when used on aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. (depending on the type of coating). Please conduct a test first and do not use it for prolonged hours
12) Avoid using it on products which contain Zinc, Copper, Silver, Iron, etc.

1. Ingredients subject to change at the manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, please refer to product packaging.
2. The outcome of this skin-care product projected here is general. Individual experience may vary depending on age, gender, skin type, lifestyle, diet, other conditions, and disorders

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