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How to DIY

    • Construction tools to apply wallpaper is not necessary.

      Although it will fluctuate somewhat depending on the place and surface which you will be applying the wallpaper, the basic tools are ...

      There is no point in the beauty, which is inconvenient  

      Performing background treatment of the wall is an important preparation before the wallpaper is applied on. 

      Ensure that there are no protruding elements from the wall; remove if applicable.

      Remove any nails, hooks or screws with pliers. Fill in any large holes with filler (Able to acquire at any local DIY store) and sandpaper down the holes before applying the wallpaper so it does not cause a bump under the strip. 

      Measure the length of the wall that needs to be papered, then add about 20cm to the measurement (giving leeway at the top and bottom to account for any wonky walls or unprecise measurements). Unroll your paper on the pasting table, then using a tape measure and a pencil, make a mark on the back of the paper where it needs to be cut. Fold your paper over on itself, making sure it lines up at the edges, and cut away your first strip.

      Applying the Wallpaper

      1. 1. Place the at your feet, lift the edges and spread it.
      2. 2. Make an extra about 5 cm at the top and bottom and paste it in the approximate position.
      3. 3. Paste the right side down and make a large slack intentionally.

      1. 4. Align the left edge of the wallpaper with the baseline. 
      2. 5. Adjust the left edge of the wallpaper and ensure that no air-bubbles or wrinkle form.
      3. 6. Hold the right edge and turn up the wallpaper and continue adjustment as needed.

      1. 7. From the left to the right in the middle of the wallpaper, pat it with your hand and stretch it to straighten any wrinkle.
      2. 8. Follow by patting diagonally upward from the middle.
      3. 9. Then, from the middle diagonally down, with a hand, roughly stretch the wrinkles.


      1. 10. Finally, do a final check for wrinkle and air bubbles. 


      Final Touches 

      Align and Repeat


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