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Model: 100% Korea Pure Blueberry Juice 80ml (30 packs/box)
Ex Tax:SGD58.00
Model: 10Pcs Set Artificial Bamboo Stick Plant Home Decoration
The Bamboo Pole itself is real with Antiseptic treatment, and the leaves are plastic. So you can keep as long as you want!..
Ex Tax:SGD42.00
Brand: Moro Model: 12 & 6 point wall clock
Ex Tax:SGD57.00
Model: 230 Sandwich paper Wall clock
Ex Tax:SGD30.00
Model: 280 Sandwich retro leather Wall clock
Ex Tax:SGD35.00
Model: 2M Width Big Size Artificial Grass Carpet Turf
Ex Tax:SGD32.00
Brand: Moro Model: 310 Gold Lucky Silent Wall Clock
[White Color][Black Color]..
Ex Tax:SGD57.00
Brand: Moro Model: 320 Roman number Wall Clock
WhiteBlackWhite Roman numberBlack Roma number..
Ex Tax:SGD53.00
Model: 360 Rotating Mirror
IMPORTANT NOTICE:For Return Request, you need to compensate delivery fee$20, processing fee 10%, also return by yourself within 7days from receiving date.Once we check the condition is ok, then will proceed to refund the balance...
Ex Tax:SGD63.00
Model: 3D Letters
Ex Tax:SGD0.60
Model: 3D Brick
Ex Tax:SGD2.90
Brand: Moro Model: 530 Classy rate Wall Clock
WhiteBlackRose goldWhite & Rose goldBlack & Rose gold..
Ex Tax:SGD66.00
*FREE INSTALLATION*- High Efficiency Energy Saving DC Motor- Available in 2 colors: Black / Wood+Black- Available in 56" (Suitable for Living Room and etc)  - 6 Double Angle ABS Blades- Super Bright 20W Tri-Color LED Light- 5 Forward Speeds + 5 Reverse Speed  (With Sleep Timer) Remote..
Ex Tax:SGD320.00
Model: ANTI-Bacterial Sheet / Transparent sheet / Sanitization
Ex Tax:SGD12.00
Model: Apple Bidet EN545
Apple Toilet Bidet - 545ENPremium Instant Heating System BidetTankless Technology with Uninterrupted warm water cleansing.Ultra Power Saving technologyDifferent from usual storage tank system where hot water are stored, The instant heating system operates while in use only.Convenient & Comforta..
Ex Tax:SGD890.00
Model: Artificial Flower Bouquet Decoration
Perfect decoration to make your house more comfortableSurprising gifts for yourself and your friendsFlower pot and stand includedColour: Purple 30cmPink 30cmPink purple 30cmChampagne 30cmBlue 30cmAssorted 50cm..
Ex Tax:SGD24.00
Model: Artificial Grass Deck
★★★★NOTE★★★★Stone & Wood can connect with only 3 connector grass deck★8 connector Grass deck can't connect with Stone & Wood deck!..
Ex Tax:SGD6.90
Model: Artificial Grass
* Important note: You may see some grass drop at the beginning, that is due to we cut from big master roll, our product is very durable!Other photo of artificial turf..
Ex Tax:SGD15.00
Arum Ginseng Body Wash (300ml)
-10 %
Model: Arum Ginseng Body Wash (300ml)
Arum Ginseng Body Wash 300ml Formulated with Skylake’s patented oriental Herbal Extract, fermented Rice Extract, Hyaluronic acid and natural surfactant. Arum Ginseng Body Wash is a refreshing body wash contains Korean Ginseng slices, which cleanses the skin without drying it out,..
SGD25.20 SGD28.00
Ex Tax:SGD25.20
Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser (500ml)
-10 %
Model: Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser (500ml)
Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser 500mlFormulated with Skylake-patented oriental herbal extract, ginseng and saponin, Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser strengthens hair roots, improve blood circulation, stimulates thicker hair growth, delays scalp-aging, prevents dandruff, relieves itch..
SGD49.50 SGD55.00
Ex Tax:SGD49.50
Arum Ginseng Hair Tonic (120ml)
-10 %
Model: Arum Ginseng Hair Tonic (120ml)
Arum Ginseng Hair Tonic 120mlFormulated with the patented Skylake Herbal Extract, Korean Ginseng Extract and Oriental Herbal Extract. Arum Ginseng Hair Tonic nourishes the scalp generously, strengthens the hair follicles, prevents dandruff and stimulates hair growth.Arum Ginseng Hair ..
SGD40.50 SGD45.00
Ex Tax:SGD40.50
Babience Baby Cream (100ml) Babience Baby Cream (100ml)
-10 %
Model: Babience Baby Cream (100ml)
Babience Baby Cream - 100mlBabience Baby Cream contains 3 kinds of super berry, peptide, hyaluronic acid and ceramide to effectively moisturise and protect the natural skin barrier. The ingredients also have anti-itch properties to prevent skin rashes. The allergen-free fragrance base..
SGD32.40 SGD36.00
Ex Tax:SGD32.40
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