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BODYLUV X MINIONS Waterline SET / Shower Filter / Shower Tube / Shower Head / Soap

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  • • Model: Bodyluv

BODYLUV x MINIONS Waterline Collection

[MINIONS Puresome Shower Head] Content : Shower Head + Puresome Filter (x1) + Antibacterial Balls Puresome Filter within the Puresome Showerhead filter out the impurities(rust/dust/mud) in the water. Antibacterial Balls are 99.9% Antibacterial and fungal resistance, effective in eliminating unpleasant smells through the multi-pores within them. [MINIONS Puresome Shower Hose Tube 1.5m] Content: Puresome Shower Hose Tube 1ea + Simple Wrench 1ea * Connecting point : measures 2.2cm in diameter / 1.0mm thread pitch size 1. Prevent water stains, better hygienic 2. Flexible PVC material 3. 3-layer structure, strengthen durability [MINIONS Puresome Vita Milk Filter] Vita Milk Filter in Cala & Mango flavor - Juicy fruity fragrance from Mango * Consist of Vitamin C 43000mg - Remove Chlorine in tap water to care for dry and sensitive skin. * Includes Cactus essential oil as one of the ingredients - Strengthens the skin by providing moisture. [MINIONS Vitamin Cala Soap] *Helps to remove chlorine in tap water to help improve skin condition. A soap bar filled with vitamins and creates thick and rich micro-bubbles to penetrate deep inside pores to absorb excess sebum and impurities!

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