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Ionpolis Sediment Body Filter for Showerhead

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  • • Model: Ionpolis Sediment Body Filter for Showerhead


PP microfilter uses 100% polypropylene This filter is manufactured using the Melt Blown technique and has a multi-layered density structure.

The general type microfilter is divided into EB Filter and WB Filter by difference between internal and external diameter,

and various residual plots between 0.5 and 200 microns are produced from 20mm to suit customer need length specifications.

100% polypropylene

Highly chemical resistant and not subject to organic chemical reactions

No bubble generation and no linsing required by additive-free production method

MELT BLOWN method of construction

Radiated hypersonic maximizes capture space

No adhesives and adhesives such as surfactants, synthetic resins, etc.

In-depth Effects of Multi-Story Density Structure

Pre-treatment process is carried out at the outer layer and precision filtration process is carried out at the inner layer

Extend life by maximizing water flow

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