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POUT - EYES 8 Desk Organizer / Monitor Riser / Docking Hub / Wireless Charger

POUT - EYES 8 Desk Organizer / Monitor Riser / Docking Hub / Wireless Charger

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  • Model POUT - EYES 8 Desk Organizer / Monitor Riser / Docking Hub
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  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 563.00mm x 200.00mm x 57.00mm
  • : POUT - EYES 8 Desk Organizer / Monitor Riser / Docking Hub
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In the smart era, we use a variety of smart devices, It is a hassle to charge while checking whether the charger is working or if charging cable is in the correct direction of the charging connector. With Wireless charging simply use it when you need to and after using, simply place it on the wireless charging pad to  automatically charge various smart devices wirelessly. 

EYES8 is applied with Pout's 3rd generation smart IC and main board . Safe and accurate charging with multiple protection functions such as temperature control sensor to prevent overheating , overcurrent, overvoltage protection, and overcharge and discharge protection . In addition, we have obtained the electromagnetic wave safety certification (RR-bnc-POUT-02001) that satisfies the human body protection standards from electromagnetic waves. 

(Note : if the thickness of the case is more than 3mm, smart devices may not be detected automatically.)

When connected to a laptop or desktop using EYES8, 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 Type-C port can be additionally extended for convenient use. You can move data up to 10 times faster than conventional USB 2.0 .
USB 3.0 is also compatible with existing USB 2.0, and you can take full advantage of USB 3.0's high-speed performance even on computers with USB 2.0. USB 3.0 supports a maximum transfer rate of 5 Gbps , and USB 2.0 supports a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps

Eco-friendly materials are divided into E0, E1, and E2 grades based on the amount of formaldehyde (noxious substances) emitted . Promaldehyde is a chemical that is one of the leading causes of sick house syndrome and is a highly toxic carcinogen. It is said that these carcinogenic substances are produced by using formalin, plywood, synthetic resins and chemicals, and adhesives in construction materials. 

EYES8 is made of E0 grade eco-friendly material closest to nature and is safe. Use MAPLE wood patterns and ABS Edge of the natural and warm feel to the design is clean and has also to durability

Posture plays a critical role in your everyday health, with the right posture you will feel refreshed, awake and more energetic in your day to day work. Especially in the current society, most of us are bound to desk operating job. Design to have a elevated view, it helps to automacially correct your posture while working. 

Using the soft white LED, you can see the charge status and minimize the fatigue between work to provide a comfortable working environment.

As time goes by we tend to collect more object on our desk, and with the limited space EYES8 is the perfect choice as a desk organizer while acting as a monitor riser and not compromising on the essential features. Enjoy the convenience of ultra-fast wireless charging + the EYES8 monitor stand, which enables efficient space utilization with a multi-hub station. 

The LED light provides a clear indication by using the soft white LED to allow the user to know the charging status at a single glance. (Charging standby-off / normal charging-on / charging complete-off) 

Soft white LED light feature is also made in response to anti-glare and energy saving.

The first edition of Pout's monitor stand Black Edition is introduced through Wadiz. You can feel the chic and elegance of black in your own space.

You can choose the color that suits your interior with a simple combination of simple white + maple and chic  black + black solid wood.
The color in the picture is most similar to the actual product and may look different depending on the screen resolution.

Due to the nature of the material (wood) the monitor base or furniture is mostly angular and straight. However, the combined structure of EYES8's patented plastic perfectly fulfills the function of supporting the monitor, while realizing the sophisticated design of the curve .
The restrained and simplified design of EYES8 is the most elegant way to organize your desk with a timeless format even after 10 years . 

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