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Ston Deck Flooring

Model: Artificial Grass Deck
★★★★NOTE★★★★Stone & Wood can connect with only 3 connector grass deck★8 connector Grass deck can't connect with Stone & Wood deck!..
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Model: Stone Tile
Ex Tax:SGD5.00
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DeKorea Outdoor Floorings

Only the best

Our sunny island has excellent albeit hot weather. Golden sun rays and fresh clean air is a privilege that we Singaporeans get to enjoy. For the lucky few that have their very own balconies and terraces. You get to enjoy the nature of Singapore even when indoors!

Yet, there is one often overlooked part when it comes to the balconies and terraces of Singapore. The design.

To fully immerse in the bask of nature from your balcony. You may want to think about creating the ideal spot for relaxation. Perhaps, getting a potted plant for the corner or installing a hammock. Maybe even coconut chairs!

However, none will have as much effect on the feel and look of your balcony as the floors.

After all, Singapore's cement tiled floors do not exactly scream relaxation right? For those looking to take their abode of rest to the next level, we recommend taking a look at our range of products for outdoor floorings.

Large Collection

We carry multiple designs from Pearl white stones to luxury wood and artificial grass carpets!

You can choose to walk among the soft tush grass or admire the beautiful white stone tiles and enjoy your balcony to its fullest!


These DIY-Friendly tiles are designed for comfort and will ensure a pleasant walking experience!

You can design and create your way or get one of our professional installers to lay down the floor for you! Have it your way.

Let's get building!