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Toilet Bidet

Model: Apple Bidet EN545
Apple Toilet Bidet - 545ENPremium Instant Heating System BidetTankless Technology with Uninterrupted warm water cleansing.Ultra Power Saving technologyDifferent from usual storage tank system where hot water are stored, The instant heating system operates while in use only.Convenient & Comforta..
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Toilet Bidet - the ideal bathroom solution

The upsides of owning a toilet bidet are numerous with the most beneficial ones being better personal hygiene and reduced household waste by significantly cutting down on the use of toilet papers.

Environmentally friendly, clean and comfortable?

There is no reason not to get the Apple toilet bidet in Singapore right now!

Other benefits

Saving electricity

While a general tank system will heat water up at all times, the Apple toilet bidet utilizes an instant heating system which will produce warm water only when needed.

Save the environment and your wallet by utilizing the Apple toilet bidet!


The Apple toilet bidet will keep your toilet seat heated, providing a comfortable experience when using the toilet. It comes fitted with the usual cleansing function for your bottom as well as a drying function to help you remove excess moisture! Trust me when I say it feels damn Shiok!

Features of Apple Toilet Bidet


Through the implementation of a tankless system, you can control how much water you want to use for the spray.

You will have an uninterrupted warm water cleansing for how long or how short you like!

Touch Controller

An intuitive controller is built in so that all owners can easily control and use the functions of the bidet.

It is very similar to a smartphone; if you are one of the masterful users of a smartphone, you will definitely be able to use the Apple toilet bidet with ease!

PCB Protection

The apple toilet bidet truly covers all aspect of design and practicality.

The main PCB and control PCB is protected with a layer of urethane to protect from any splashing water. You can rest easy when you are using the bidet! Nobody wants to have stressful bathroom experience!

Detachable Toilet Bidet Seat Cover

If you wish to clean the toilet seat, you can easily detach it and give it a thorough cleaning. No need to splash water everywhere and make your bathroom floor wet anymore.

Removable Stainless-steel Nozzle

The stainless-steel nozzle comes with a self-cleaning function as well as anti-bacterial properties, so cleanliness is not an issue. However, in accordance making it fully user-friendly, the nozzle was made removable in the event you will like to clean it yourself.

Adjustable Controls

The various adjustable controls on the bidet allow you to adjust water pressure and temperature, it is truly customizable, and every user can adjust to their comfort level.

Automatic operation

Right from cleansing to drying, everything runs by itself and is fully automated. It will only be in use when you need it helping you take one step further in saving electricity!