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Brand: Moro Model: Black Butterfly Wall Clock
Black Butterfly Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD31.00
Brand: Moro Model: Chubby Hip - Yellow Rabbit
Chubby Hip - Yellow Rabbit..
Ex Tax:SGD49.00
Brand: Moro Model: Chubby Hips - Blue Cat
Chubby Hips - Blue Cat..
Ex Tax:SGD49.00
Brand: Moro Model: Chubby Hips - Panda
Chubby Hips - Panda..
Ex Tax:SGD49.00
Brand: Moro Model: Chubby Hips - Welsh Corgi
Chubby Hips - Welsh Corgi..
Ex Tax:SGD49.00
Model: Classic Design
Clock Dimension - K1 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K3 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K5 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K9 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K11 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K13 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K37 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K10..
Ex Tax:SGD54.00
Brand: Moro Model: CLASSIC Wall clock [White] - K1
CLASSIC Wall clock [White] - K1..
Ex Tax:SGD54.00
Brand: Moro Model: Comma Wall Clock
Comma Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD38.00
Model: DIY Clock Hands
                                                                            Clock Dimension - G82 29..
Ex Tax:SGD24.00
Model: Deer Head
MINI - Collection..
Ex Tax:SGD25.00
Model: Design Art Clock
Clock Dimension - M45 195x195x3mmClock Dimension - M118 180x180x3mmClock Dimension - M16 270x270x3mmClock Dimension - C218 284x428x5mmClock Dimension - M38 400x1250x5mmClock Dimension - C69 410x450x5mmClock Dimension - C72 410x450x5mmClock Dimension - C75 300x470x5..
Ex Tax:SGD31.00
Model: Design Clock
Clock Dimension - M165 425x430x5mmClock Dimension - M148 390x390x3mmClock Dimension - M149 390x390x3mmClock Dimension - M58 235x235x3mmClock Dimension - M13 260x260x3mmClock Dimension - M14 260x260x3mmClock Dimension - M15 260x260x3mmClock Dimension ..
Ex Tax:SGD32.00
Model: DIY Art Clock/Wall Clock
Ex Tax:SGD21.00
Brand: Moro Model: DJ WALL CLOCK
Ex Tax:SGD30.00
Model: Corner Clock
Ex Tax:SGD85.00
Brand: Moro Model: Eco World Tour Wall Clock
Eco World Tour Wall ClockMoro's Collective Favorite -Made of Eco-friendly MaterialWith 100% Original Design, Encompassing Modern and Cute  DESIGN & MADE IN KOREA..
Ex Tax:SGD72.00
Brand: Moro Model: Floating Balloons
Floating  Balloons ..
Ex Tax:SGD32.00
Brand: Moro Model: Frypan Design Wall Clock
Ex Tax:SGD37.00
Model: Grey Clock
Clock Dimension - G1 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G3 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G4 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G45 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G46 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G47 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G48 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G49 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G50 290x290x5mmC..
Ex Tax:SGD46.00
Model: Handmade Clock
Ex Tax:SGD42.00
Brand: Moro Model: Happy House Wall Clock
Happy House Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD67.00
Brand: Moro Model: Hurry Up Wall Clock
Hurry Up Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD31.00
It's the Ship It's the Ship
New Hot
Brand: Moro Model: It's the Ship
It's the Ship..
Ex Tax:SGD47.00
Brand: Moro Model: Modern Mint Clock
Modern Mint Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD39.00
Model: Modern Wall Clock
Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock - Say goodbye to ticking soundPremium Noiseless clock made with world best Suzuki Silent Movement from JapanKorean No.1 designEco-Friendly Handmade Craft Clock Suzuki Silent Movement Korean Designed Discover the product - Wall Clock and Wall Decoration&nb..
Ex Tax:SGD36.00
Brand: Moro Model: Pang Pang - Eco Color Splatter Wall Clock
Pang Pang - Eco Color Splatter Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD68.00
Model: Premium Modern Wall Clock
Clock Dimension - K48 300x300x17mmClock Dimension - K50 300x300x17mmClock Dimension - K54 300x300x17mmClock Dimension - K53 300x300x17mmClock Dimension - K64 300x300x15mmClock Dimension - K69 300x300x17mmClock Dimension - K70 300x300x17mmClock Dimens..
Ex Tax:SGD39.00
Model: Eco Color Board
Clock Dimension - C32-38   260x260x5mmClock Dimension - C44-48   177x177x5mmClock Dimension - C49-54   280x280x9mmClock Dimension - C219   494x475x9mmClock Dimension - C220   494x475x9mmClock Dimension - C221   494x475x9mmClock Dimension - ..
Ex Tax:SGD35.00
Brand: Moro Model: Real Wood Nine Wall Clock
Real Wood Nine Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD49.00
Brand: Moro Model: Save the Polar Bear Wall Clock
Save the Polar Bear Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD66.00
Model: Table Clock
Clock Dimension - C315 290x290x9mm..
Ex Tax:SGD32.00
Model: White Series Clock
Clock Dimension - G5 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G6 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G7 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G8 290x290x9mmClock Dimension - G16 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G17 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G18 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G19 290x290x5mmClock Dimension - G20 290x290x5mmCl..
Ex Tax:SGD43.00
Brand: Moro Model: Wood Classic Wall Clock
Wood Classic Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD32.00
Model: World Map Clock
Ex Tax:SGD77.00
Brand: Moro Model: World Tour Wall Clock
World Tour Wall Clock ..
Ex Tax:SGD27.00
Brand: Moro Model: Zoo Tour Wall Clock
Zoo Tour Wall Clock..
Ex Tax:SGD27.00
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Buy a Wall Clock Online

In today's modern era, telling time is incredibly convenient. You have multiple devices such as your phone, computer, watch, etc. that can tell you accurate time without any hassle. So comes the big question, why buy a wall clock?

To be truthful, you should only buy a wall clock that fits your home decor. The aesthetics should be considered first, then the quality and function of the timepiece.

With that in mind,

We gathered Korea No.1 wall clock "moro brand" and brought it over to Singapore!

There are over 150 designs and colours to choose from! So save yourself a trip to your local furniture store and their limited selections. Instead, shop at DeKorea from the comfort of your home today!

Here's the real kicker. All our clocks are made in South Korea using only the best components. With the Suzuki silent movements, there is virtually no ticking sound making it a true silent clock.

The hands are also brushed with walnut paint for an extra rustic touch and have anti-corrosion properties allowing the clock to stay pristine for the foreseeable future!

Once a product is purchased on DeKorea, we will ship the products out with careful packaging to ensure that the product reaches you without any damage. So put those worries to rest! After all, our products are akin to art pieces, and we will not mishandle them at any given moment.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Shop for your new beautiful wall clock in Singapore now!