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Water Adhesive Wallpaper

Water Adhesive Wallpaper

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MG208 Italian concrete

Water Activated Wallpaper

Easy Installation

Simply dip 1 piece in water and hang onto the wall. Our wallpaper are prepasted with 100% water based glue. The glue makes the wallpaper readjustable for a few minutes so you can never make a mistake! 

No mess bubble free installation!

Simply dip in water and paste!

Washable & Durable

Our patented hybrid wallpaper is made out of PVC front with non-woven back. This cutting-edge technology allows the wallpaper both breathable and durable.


How to Install Water Adhesive (Water-Activated) Wallpaper


Set Aside Some Time 
You’ll get the best result by hanging all of the wallpaper intended for a single wall or installation area at the same time.

Sponge or Spray bottle
Sharp penknife
Drop cloth
Bucket of clean water

Prepare your wallpaper
Unroll each strip so that they face the same way

Prepare your wall
The wall you’re applying your paper to should be smooth, clean and dust free. Patch or sand any damaged areas of the wall, especially where sharp edges might pierce or tear the wallpaper. For best results, apply wallpaper to a surface that is a solid, light color. If your wall has been recently painted, allow at least 4+ weeks for the paint to cure before applying wallpaper. Applying wallpaper over uncured paint can lead to bubbling.


Start from a corner of your wall

If you’re applying multiple strips of wallpaper, hang them from left to right to ensure a smooth repeat of the design. Start with the upper left corner of the room, wall, or other surface you’re covering. If covering an entire room, choose an inconspicuous corner to begin since the repeat will not match up on the final seam.

Wet the wallpaper
Using the bucket of water or spray bottle, thoroughly wet the back of the paper, making sure not to leave any dry spots. Once it’s wet, set the paper aside for 3-5 minutes to rest and activate the adhesive.

Finishing up
Let your wallpaper dry completely -- this usually takes a couple of hours. Wipe the walls with a damp sponge to remove excess adhesive. Now stand back and admire your work.

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