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Why go digital with your home security?

Automation door locks are quickly becoming a popular trend in home security. A vast majority are switching up to digital security not just in homes but in offices, warehouses, and many more. Digital door lock has reduces the disadvantages of traditional key and lock security. One of the most common issues with traditional keys and locks is that keys are easily misplaced or even fall into the wrong hands. They can be easily duplicated and give unwanted guests access to your property. Fortunately, that is not the case with the digital door locks. 

4 Key benefits of Digital Door Locks

POINT 1: Digital Door Lock ensures high security

Digital door locks give you added security that standard locks cannot provide. An automatic door lock reduces the potential safety concerns of a standard lock. Digital door locks utilize two levels of biaxial key cutting, which prevent the locks from being removed from the doors. Not only does this feature reduce theft, but it also means you won’t face the expense of replacing damaged locks with new ones to re-secure the property after an attempted break-in.

POINT 2: Reset key passcode or fingerprint

If your company has a high turnover rate or has temporary visitors in your home lending your keys, it is important to regularly switch keys for security safety. With a digital door lock, you have more control over who has access to your property. Automated locks ensure that nobody, aside from those of your choosing, will have the ability to enter your home. There is no more need to worry about who still has a set of working keys to your property. 

POINT 3: Convenience

Have you ever forgotten to bring your set of keys out and get locked out? Countless times. With a digital door lock, you will have the ease of mind of not bringing a set of keys around and even getting it misplaced. An automatic door lock can be unlocked using a passcode or even fingerprints. 

POINT 4: Stylish First Impression

Not only does a digital door lock promises high security and convenience but also looks stylish and sophisticated on your front door. Rather than a chunky dangling standard lock, you would have a high-tech stylish lock!

Why choose Locpro?

1. Locpro offers extra safety and security with several functions such as Internal force lock, dead bolt jam and door open alarm.

2.  Locpro have high sensitivity touch and conceals password for privacy,

3. Locpro digital locks can be open using passcode, tap card, and emergency key access. In addition, some of our other models have fingerprint access too!

4. Locpro digital door lock not only offer security but also look stylish and works well in any kind of interior setting!


5. Locpro takes security seriously. Hence, security alert functions available includes high temperature sensing, fire alarm and intruder alarm.


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