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Electrical Standing Desk
Available in both Bamboo and MDF Wood, our standing desk exudes fascinating appeal and is designed with ergonomics in mind.
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Multi-purpose Interior Shelving
DEKORACK a highly versatile minialist interior shalving / storage rack. It is the world 1st 4 point binding system with increased stability ...
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In the smart era, we use a variety of smart devices, It is a hassle to charge while checking whether..
Ex Tax:SGD115.00
Brand: Magic Fix
Ex Tax:SGD35.00
Brand: Moro
Size : (W) 59.4cm X (L) 84.1cm1) A1 Black Gold New York2) A1 Black Gold Swan3) A1 Bl..
Ex Tax:SGD175.00
Brand: Moro
[White Color][Black Color]..
Ex Tax:SGD57.00
Brand: Moro
[A4 Size]Portrait & WidthBlack & Rose GoldGray & Gold[A5 Size]Black & Rose GoldGra..
Ex Tax:SGD25.00
Actual Produt Review & Photo ...Electrical Standing  with Bamboo TopMade with real bamboo w..
Ex Tax:SGD419.00

This Week Collection

Brand: Moro
[White Color][Black Color]..
Ex Tax:SGD57.00
Brand: Moro
[A4 Size]Portrait & WidthBlack & Rose GoldGray & Gold[A5 Size]Black & Rose GoldGra..
Ex Tax:SGD25.00
Brand: Moro
Size : (W) 59.4cm X (L) 84.1cm1) A1 Black Gold New York2) A1 Black Gold Swan3) A1 Bl..
Ex Tax:SGD175.00


  • Moro clocks design does not compromise on the designs and colors, thus, the Eco-board materials was created to be both Environment-Friendly & Stylish with Great Visual impact.

  • The Eco-friendly materials are harmless to the human bodies and does not discolored easily



  • Moro wants to realize various designs and colors, So the best materials that have the same inner and external colors are used to bring out many kinds of visual effects.

  • Moro clock design does not compromise on the designs and colors, So the Eco-board materials was created to be both Environment-friendly & Stylish with great Visual impact. 

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Self-Adhesive Wainscoting Foam Molding      &nbs..
Ex Tax:SGD2.90
Korea Self-Adhesive Foam Wallpaper - Premium Quality, Eco friendly Material: PVC film..
Ex Tax:SGD3.99

Wall Clock Product Display View More

Brand: Moro
[A4 Size] Portrait & WidthWalnut BrownAcorns Brown[A5 Size]Walnut BrownAcorns Brown[Receip..
Ex Tax:SGD40.00
Brand: Moro
World Tour Wall Clock ..
Ex Tax:SGD27.00
Brand: Moro
Big Ben Design Art Clock (M38)..
Ex Tax:SGD66.00

Flooring Product Display View More

* Important note: You may see some grass drop at the beginning, that is due to we cut from big maste..
Ex Tax:SGD15.00
What is Skirting?Skirting or alternatively known as Baseboard, is a parting material usually made of..
Ex Tax:SGD4.90

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ITEM DISPLAYED ABOVE :Manhattan Tin Tiles Muji White WallpaperITEM DISPLAYED ABOVE :Wainscoting..
Ex Tax:SGD3.90
Self-Adhesive Metro Tile Sheet White and Black    &..
Ex Tax:SGD9.80
Self-Adhesive Wood Panel Sheet      &nbs..
Ex Tax:SGD10.80

DIY Board Product Display View More

*Important note: Minor paint peeling off may cause during the transportation and it's not retur..
Ex Tax:SGD3.80
Korean made "DIY Mesh board accessory"..
Ex Tax:SGD10.00

Furniture Product Display View More

Note: All Self assemble productsEuropean Shoe Rack..
Ex Tax:SGD36.00
IMPORTANT NOTICE:For Return Request, you need to compensate delivery fee$20, processing fee 10%, als..
Ex Tax:SGD63.00
【BroadStep】STEEL LARGE BROAD STEP LADDER (2-4 Steps)Good quality, extendable, strong, portable ladde..
Ex Tax:SGD159.00

Window Sheet Product Display View More

 1) Before VS After  ..
Ex Tax:SGD29.90
Korean made window sheet2018 new Solar sheet: Static solar filmNWSF01 & NWSF02Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)S..
Ex Tax:SGD19.00

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Home Decor Shop in Singapore - DeKorea

Isn't it just wonderful when our home looks beautiful? The joy and feeling that comes from being in a nicely decorated room are indescribable.

Helping homeowners achieve that feeling is the impetus for the founding of DeKorea, a speciality store focused on selling premium DIY Home decor products.

We believe that when your home decor is envisioned and built by you, it changes not just how your house looks but also how it feels. You can customize and create the vibe of your home with our products and your dedication.

When it comes to design, everyone has their unique preferences; there is simply no one-suit-all design nor right or wrong.

DeKorea strongly advocates homeowners to be adventurous and try out different colour tones, texture and decorative items and create their sanctuary with their own two hands.

It may be a little more bothersome than hiring somebody to do it for you, but the sense of fulfilment not to mention the money saved is more than worth it!

We do not believe in just selling products but introducing unique products from different lifestyle all over the world, starting with Korea, Japan and China.

Our goal is to spread culture and trends from different countries to Singapore!

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