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Model: 3D Brick
Ex Tax:SGD2.90
Model: Bakuta Brick
Self-Adhesive Brick Wallpaper Sheet             ..
Ex Tax:SGD9.80
Model: Tin Tile
Korea Self-Adhesive Foam Wallpaper - Premium Quality, Eco friendly Material: PVC film (Eco-Friendly)Thickness: 3-4cmInstall Area: Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as old wallpaper, painted wall or ceiling, marble, furniture, cabinets, glass, metal, tile or even in ba..
Ex Tax:SGD3.99
Model: Bakuta Metro Tile
Self-Adhesive Metro Tile Sheet White and Black              ..
Ex Tax:SGD9.80
Model: Bakuta
Self-Adhesive Wainscoting Foam Molding             ..
Ex Tax:SGD2.90
Model: Bakuta Panel
Self-Adhesive Wood Panel Sheet             ..
Ex Tax:SGD10.80
Model: Beaus Tile
Korea Self-Adhesive Wallpaper - Premium Quality, Eco friendly Install Area: Can be applied to any flat surfaces such as old wallpaper, painted wall or ceiling, marble, furniture, cabinets, glass, metal, tile or even in the bathroom.Features: Easy to apply - Just peel and stick! A..
Ex Tax:SGD3.50
Model: Bakuta Wainscoting Molding Panel
ITEM DISPLAYED ABOVE :Manhattan Tin Tiles Muji White WallpaperITEM DISPLAYED ABOVE :Wainscoting PanelITEM DISPLAYED ABOVE :Wainscoting Panel3D Mosaic Tiles Beaus Tile - Cairo MUS02..
Ex Tax:SGD3.90
Ex Tax:SGD3.90
Model: Wainscoting Panel
Ex Tax:SGD11.90
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What is 3D Foam Wallpaper?

3D foam wallpaper offers an excellent textured look to any surface once adhered. Also known as 3D foam wall panels, they are made from a soft variant of PVC foam.

As its name suggests, it is not flat and provides real depth, perfectly mimicking designs like brick walls, marble tiles and stone tiles.

It brings home decor to the next level. You do not have to lay down real bricks or get custom stone cutting to get an authentic look of a brick wall or stone tiles. With this new revolutionary product, we are making the impossible possible, making certain designs possible for the mass consumers.

Gone are days where you cannot choose to live in your ideal type of house due to limiting factors like cost and type of housing.

PS: Due to its relative softness, it is also much safer for homes with children or the elderly!

Why use 3D Foam Brick Wallpaper?

3D foam is easy to paste onto any wall as it is also self-adhesive. Once applied, the 3D foam will protect not only the wall but also you!

You won't be stubbing your toe on the wall anytime soon!

DeKorea has multiple designs for our 3D foam wallpaper products.

You can choose to turn your dining room into a rustic brick dining room or perhaps have your living room transform into a modern cosy living hall with the "stone tiles" design. The options are truly limitless.

The wall panels can also be mixed and matched to create intricate patterns and designs. It can also be painted over for even more creative work!

No matter the design motif of the room, 3D foam provides the versatility and durability to make any design a reality.

Be adventurous with your design, wherever your mind dare dream.

In short, 3D foam stickers offer real depth and an excellent textured look while eliminating health hazards from hard brick walls. The cost is significantly lowered, and you can customize the designs as you like!

The best part is that if you decide you are sick of having stone tiles and want to try something new, you can simply remove the wallpaper and install something else! Three cheers for DIY! Hip Hip Hooray!