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3D foam wallpaper offers an excellent textured
look to any surface once adhered.
Also known as 3D foam wall panels,
they are made from a soft variant of PVC foam.

You can choose to turn your room into a rustic brick room
or perhaps have your kitchen transform into
a modern cozy kitchen with the "metro tile" design.
The options are truly limitless!

3D foam is easy to paste onto any wall as it is also self-adhesive.
Once applied, the 3D foam will protect not only the wall but also you!
You won't be stubbing your toe on the wall anytime soon

Manhattan Tiles Design was inspired by the late 1906, Victorian style.
Easily bringing Antique interior aspects to your room.

Fully removable, Repositionable
Waterproof and wipe clean
Perfect DIY product, No installation service needed.

Wainscoting or what we used to call it molding is an interior material
to be used as a delimiter when sticking as a border edge to the
the boundary between the ceiling and wall.
It is widely used as a decorative frame for doors and walls.

Beaus Tile is usually used in the bathroom or kitchen.
it looks like a real tile with easy to install and you can do it yourself~

Metal tiles look a lot like aluminum steel.
even have a texture like real aluminum steel.
you can change your bathroom into a new look with metal tiles 
in just a simple way and you can redecorate your bathroom!