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Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

The Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

Among the many new inventions in the interior design industry, vinyl flooring must surely be one of the more popular flooring innovations. Fashionable, sturdy, and easy to maintain – what is there not to like? These are but some of the vinyl flooring advantages that have homeowners, shop owners, and even company owners drawn to its installation. Indeed, versus laminate flooring, vinyl flooring has become a new favorite among people who are planning their renovations.

Vinyl flooring, as a material, is not new. Its origins date back to 1872 when chemist Eugen Baumann polymerized vinyl chloride gas and developed what is now known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, this solid material remained a chemical without any industrial application up until 1933, when the first semblance of vinyl flooring was displayed at a Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, USA. With technological and scientific advances, industry experts improved upon this modern flooring material, and vinyl flooring has since evolved into what it is today.

As people started putting more attention to their surroundings and decided that their environment had to not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, the wide variety of vinyl flooring colors and styles took off. Today, vinyl flooring counts as one of the more popular choices for residential and commercial flooring.

Here are three advantages of having vinyl flooring installed on your property:

1. Vinyl Flooring Is Durable

Vinyl flooring is made with colored PVC chips and formed into solid sheets, before being cut into either plank or tile form. As such, vinyl flooring is extremely durable. In particular, the Eco-Protect Resilient Flooring (EPRF) range, which originates from Korea, features the Distinguished NOX Ecotecture™ Tech. This provides the advantage of dimensional stability, allowing the vinyl tiles or planks to retain their shapes when subjected to changes in temperature or humidity.

Similarly, the EcoTech Extreme Core (ETEC) range sports the innovative Tuff Shield® Coating technology, which prevents scratches and bends and allows the vinyl tiles and planks to last a very long time.

2. Vinyl Flooring Is Waterproof

The waterproof properties of most of our vinyl flooring products make our vinyl tiles and planks extremely easy to maintain. As a bonus benefit, vinyl flooring is not only comfortable to walk on, compared to traditional wooden flooring but also safer for children and the elderly who may have an infirm grip.

3. Vinyl Flooring Looks Really Good

Last, but not least, vinyl flooring makes your home look amazing. Being engineered, vinyl flooring can take on a variety of colors and patterns. Apart from perennially classic wood-like styles like Cocoa Ash and Seawashed Oak, more contemporary designs, such as Washed Concrete, are sought-after as well. With these three very desirable advantages, it is no wonder vinyl flooring is such an attractive flooring option in today’s homes, shops, and offices.


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