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18 Jul Installation method of Tin Cushion Tile
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Give your home a stunning, stylish upgrade with Manhattan Tin Tiles. These embossed decorative panels give your ceiling an authentic vintage look. A p..
17 Jun Metro Tile Foam Sticker Installation and Arrangement Method
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Wall tiles that you often see in overseas interiors, and kitchen and tiled Metro tiles around the bathroom. Metro tiles are also called subway tiles.M..
16 Jun Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring
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Hardwearing floor and yet highly affordable. A hybrid of the traditional vinyl with innovative core technology,The Advantages Of Vinyl FlooringAmong t..
11 Jun How to apply wallpaper on uneven surfaces such as beams
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1. Wallpaper would be pasted on the red line where the two beams cross each other2. Once pasted, measure the remaining width3. With the wallpaper fold..
04 Jun What is Water Adhesive Wallpaper
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Wallpaper that can be pasted only with water What is Water Adhesive Wallpaper?recommended item  A piece-type wallpaper that can be stuck just by wetti..
19 Mar Why opt for removable wallpaper?
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Removable wallpaper is a great decor solution for many people. Here we number a few of the many situations where it’s a great fit:You live in a rented..
11 Mar How to DIY
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First of all, construction tools for attaching wallpaper are optional.  Although it will fluctuate somewhat depending on the place and surface which y..
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