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Cushion Wallpaper

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Cushion Wallpaper is Commonly used on the packaging
or building materials with excellent Water Resistance,
Heat Insulation, Soundproofing & Cushioning Effect.
so it is a very suitable wallpaper for your wet area in your house,
like in the kitchen or bathroom

Cushion Wallpaper Use a Silver Aluminum Backing
with High Insulation, Moldproof, Waterproof

Change your kitchen style with cushion wallpaper
cushion wallpaper is more resistant to stains and marks
and allows them to be wiped down with a moist cloth.

It also can be used on your kitchen table
with perfect texture of the interior tile 
and 3D embossed interior~

Cushion wallpaper is very easy to maintain, 
so you can also use it in a wet areas like bathrooms.
you don't have to worry that your wallpaper will be ripped off
because it is also water-resistant!