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Infeel interior sticker sheet
A new age for lamination

Made in Korea, Infeel sheet/sticker differs from traditional lamination products.
It is DIY-Friendly, have a plethora of design patterns and incredibly versatile!


The enormous design range ensures that you will be able to freely design your room to your heart's contents. You are no longer limited to Wood designs.

From Marble to Textured Fabric, Gloss prints, Metallic and even different variants of wood, you no longer have to compromise your designs choices and will always be able to choose your ideal designs.


Boundless imagination makes for innovation.
Infeel strongly believes in that and so do we! This is why Infeel sheets can be installed on walls and many different types of furniture!

There is no need to restrain and limit yourself. The Infeel interior Sheets can be applied to walls, tables, chairs, wardrobes, computers and even instruments like drums and pianos!
Singaporeans generally are very conservative and constrained with their home designs.

It tends to be the classical white or grey for walls and tiles for the kitchen.

A generic sofa with a slightly special shape and a few tables and chairs in the living room.

We want to change that.


With Infeel wallpaper stickers, you can switch it up and make your house an adventure!

Different rooms can have different themes applied to both walls and furniture! Imagine having a unique dining room with marble walls, tables and chairs! Oh, the indulgence.


How about transforming a room into something akin to a log house with our wood style laminate?

You could complete the look with our Grass carpet and transform your room into a perfect study room to relax, work and of course, study in!

Let the creativity flow

There are no rights or wrongs and definitely no limits when it comes to infeel interior sheets.

Beautify your home your way.