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Furniture stickers for your home improvements


Sticker Format

INFEEL Interior Sheet is flexible and easy to apply. The flexibility allows the furniture interior film to bend to follow the curves and edges of the surface. The self-adhesive feature also makes the furniture reform sticker easy to install, allowing you to adjust its position and immediately apply the sheet after the adjustment.


There is a PVC coating layer on top of the INFEEL Interior Sheet. The coating makes this cabinet wallpaper resistant to any liquid that drops on top of the wallpaper surface, be it water, oil, sauce, juice, we have got you 'covered'! This makes your furniture more durable than ever before.


The dimension of one quantity of INFEEL Interior Sheet is 123cm x 1m. Everyone can carry it around and apply it easily. After purchase, you can immediately lay down your interior film on the intended surface without any fuss. Much easier and more affordable than buying new furniture.


INFEEL Interior Sheet is a certified product by the Korean Product Certification. It is also certified to be a non-toxic product that is also environmentally friendly. You won't need to worry about flammability as well, as the product is marked as flame-retardant.

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Where can I apply it to?

As the headline suggests, INFEEL Interior Sheet is used to laminate stickers that allow your worn-out old furniture to be refurbished into new well-maintained cabinets, kitchen tops and wardrobes. However, that's not all. You can also use these kitchen cabinet stickers on your walls.


Kitchen Top




From this layout, you can see how comprehensive the INFEEL Interior Sheet is in terms of its composition. The top layer ensures your cabinet wrapping won't be easily damaged due to the anti-scratch layer. The double PVC coating on the top and bottom of the printing layer also guarantees the design that you choose won't be washed away, faded and stained by liquids. The bottom tinted PVC layer also protects the adhesive layer, so that its cohesiveness is not dilapidated.

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Why use laminate when you can replace or buy new furniture?

You can change your furniture or countertops by getting a new one and replacing them. However, home improvement products are getting more and more expensive. The INFEEL Interior Sheet is an easy solution that is also affordable for you. We have provided a list of comparisons between using our interior film to laminate your old furniture and replacing or buying a new piece of furniture.

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