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Modern minimalist kitchen setup makes your home level up

Since 2020, maybe we spend more time at home than usual. For those who like hunting cafes, enjoying brunch in a good atmosphere cafe is no longer as easy as it used to be. scrolling Instagram and missing those good times? Why not cozy up and enjoy a good-vibe brunch in your own home?

At-home brunch means no waiting in line, plus: eating in pajamas! This Modori cookware will help you do it up perfectly.

Modori Sodam Cookware Set - 100% Made in Korea. It has been hot-selling in Korea since the beginning of 2020. Basically, almost everyone has already bought — So why haven't you?

Modori special technology, the non-stick surface makes things easier! It's is easy to care for, and able to block out almost 99% of detergent!

Modori Sodam Cookware Set is Using Xtrema™ natural ceramic coating technology

What is Xtrema™ natural ceramic coating technology?

Developed by the Korea Institute of Production Technology and joint research and development. The ceramic non-stick coating technology is certified and improved comparing with the previous generation.

so what are you waiting for? Organize your home, your space, your kitchen in the way you like with Modori