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FURNITURE INNOVATION: Motion and Height Adjustable Desk

Are you a person who is mostly do your work or daily task behind the desk? Do you find it difficult to adjust your posture to the desk you have so that you have to be sat on the uncomfortable position along the day?

Worry not! In this modern and full of innovation area, it’s time to adjust the desk according to your posture. It can be done if you have Deko Desk V.2021


This amazing desk has some points:

- Memory Feature
Program up to four height presets through the digital Panel for easy adjustment

-Wire Sorted
The Wire Sorted Cable management slot collects all your messy cables for a cable-free desk

-Strong Steel Frame
Table Body is constructed with strong stainless steel for support and durability.


-Quite Mechanism
Low noise during height adjustment less than 50 db


With a table full of benefits, will you still find it hard to work comfortaby? Of course not! You will find everything become so simple and efficient with Deko Desk V.2021


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