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Simple Way to Remodel Bathroom Wall & Flooring

If you're on a tight budget when remodeling a bathroom, you're always on the lookout for ways to cut costs, wall and flooring are sometimes overlooked because it is generally not the highest ticket item in a bathroom remodel. there are several budget-friendly options for updating your bathroom wall & flooring. If you want to refresh your bathroom style without spending much money, think about using one of these options for a totally new feel to your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Wall

For the bathroom wall, first, you can choose Metal Tile Sheet. with our High-quality metal tile stickers that cover up any sort of flat surface such as tile, glass, metal, ceramic, or wood. Such a great option for renters or anyone on a budget, since stickers are much more affordable than changing out the tile and they’re removable once you move to a new home. this is an inspiration for using a metal tile sheet for your bathroom based on our latest project!

Bathroom Wall Before Installation (Metal Tile Sheet)

Before using metal tile sheets, the bathroom wall looks dirty and boring


Bathroom Wall After Installation (Metal Tile Sheet)

After using our metal tile sheet, the wall looks more stylish and attractive

With water and fire-resistant aluminum surface so is very suitable for bathroom area. Even if it's not real metal, the textures look like real metal. 

Second, for your bathroom wall, you can use INFEEL Laminate Sticker. with INFEEL Laminate sticker you can easily install by yourself, easy to peel back and re-position if you make a mistake, easy to clean with the wipe of a wet cloth. Best of all, you can change the entire look of your bathroom in just a few hours. 

Bathroom Wall Before Installation (INFEEL Laminate Sticker)

The old wall tiles look old and not very attractive

Bathroom Wall After Installation (INFEEL Laminate Sticker)

After installation of INFEEL Laminate Sticker, the bathroom wall looks like a brand new bathroom

Last but not least, you also can use Foam Sheet Self Adhesive Wallpaper. because it's made of PVC foam sheet, is the most durable, washable type of wallpaper, and a great choice for spaces with high humidity.

If you have a separate toilet room or shower room of the main area of the bathroom, use wallpaper in just this small area. The wallpaper will highlight the two areas and place the wallpaper away from the humid shower to protect it. 

2. Bathroom Flooring

Next is the bathroom flooring, for the first option, you can choose Bathroom Cushion Floor is your best option if extreme amounts of water are expected, such as in children's bathrooms or laundry rooms. Because it comes in large sizes, the Bathroom Cushion Floor may have zero seams, especially in smaller bathrooms. here are a few ideas for your bathroom flooring redesign based on our project!

Bathroom Flooring Before Installation (Bathroom Cushion Floor)

Looks like an old and dirty bathroom

Bathroom Flooring After Installation (Bathroom Cushion Floor)

Looks like a brand new bathroom

 The second option, you can choose Vinyl Cushion Floor Sheet is also can be your option for remodeling the bathroom floor because it offers the perfect mix of practicality, attractiveness, and affordability. Because it’s made with PVC, vinyl has a natural resistance to water and moisture so it will be safe to avoid slipping in the bathroom.

Bathroom Flooring Before Installation (Cushion Floor Sheet)

Vinyl offers better insulation than ceramic tile giving it a warmer feeling underfoot. It’s also slightly softer than tile or stone, which is a welcome feeling for bare feet on bathroom floors.

Bathroom Flooring After Instalation (Bathroom Cushion Floor)

It is fair to say that remodeling bathroom walls and flooring will experience some difficulties to choose the best option for it. but we hope after reading this blog you will get some inspiration about choosing the right wall & flooring for your bathroom. For more information on remodeling your bathroom, you can drop your question to dekoreasingapore@gmail.com


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