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Solar Window Sheet

Model: Solar Window Sheet
Korean made window sheet2018 new Solar sheet: Static solar filmNWSF01 & NWSF02Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)NWSF01 & NWSF02 not self adhesive, just use water to pasteMore premier than SF01&SF03SF01&SF03 is self adhesive solar sheetSF01 & SF03 is self adhesive solar sheet..
Ex Tax:SGD19.00
Model: Solar WIndow Sheet
Ex Tax:SGD11.98
Brand: Hyundae Sheet Model: Window Frosted Sheet Solar and Privacy Protection
Ex Tax:SGD11.98
Model: Window Solar Film / UV Blocking / Reduced infared / Cool Shade
Ex Tax:SGD12.00
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Buy Solar Window Film in Singapore

Do you wish to have a more private room? Office needs a little more privacy on the conference room? Use our solar window sheet to hide away from the prying eyes.

Benefits of using a solar window film

  • Prevent colour washing of furniture due to harsh sunlight
  • Save on electricity costs when switching on the aircon by preventing excess heat from the sun rays
  • Blocking ageing effects from UV rays
  • Prevents glare from bright sunlight
  • Acts as a privacy screen by turning transparent glass opaque

Why choose our DIY Solar Window Film

Our DIY Solar Window Film is designed and manufactured in collaboration with Magic-Fix and Hyundae Sheet, veterans in the Solar window film industry.

The products are required to pass through a rigorous QC process and will come shipped to your doorstep, ready to be used.

We know that getting a contractor to install your solar film will be expensive and sometimes inconvenient. That is why we spent time and money on research to help come out with this film that you can install without any experience!

DIY-ing means no installation fees and no waiting period. Once you get your film, you can get to fixing it yourself!

Durable, easy to clean, non-sticky and removable, this film is perfect for rental homes and offices!

If you wish to have us do the installation for you, you can just get in touch with us at Example hotline and arrange an appointment to install your window film!