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Vinyl Flooring

Brand: Magic Fix Model: DEKO FLOORING - Natural Wood Design
Ex Tax:SGD4.60
Model: DEKO FLOORING - Stone Design
Ex Tax:SGD5.00
Model: GLVT
Wood Design: 3.32 sqm / boxWoven Design: 3.34 sqm / boxMinerals Design: 4.18 sqm / box..
Ex Tax:SGD72.00
Model: LVT
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (MADE IN KOREA) How to order LVT01~06 1qty = 1 Box (8pcs) = 1.79 sqm LVT07~08 1qty = 1 Box (6pcs) = 2.56 sqm If you choose 1qty = 1box 2qty = 2box Lock type (DIY floor panel) Real texture Natural wood pattern Concrete tile pattern Wate..
Ex Tax:SGD77.00
Model: Lay Flooring Pitafy
Ex Tax:SGD9.00
Model: Sakura PVC Flooring
 *Important Notice!* ~  Installation With Minimum of 6 sqm ! ~LESS THAN 6 QTY,NO INSTALLATION SERVICE PROVIDED.1sqm=8pcsPVC flooring / Sakura Antique Flooring / Vinyl Plank / DIY Floor Tile..
Ex Tax:SGD52.43
Model: Sakura PVC Luxury Flooring [16pcs]
PVC flooring / Sakura Antique Flooring / Vinyl Plank / DIY Floor TileThis page is for bulky purchasing, 1qty = 16pcsif you want to buy 1qty=1pc click here below photo ..
Ex Tax:SGD62.00
Model: Transition Strip
        Product Name : TS_Dark Walnut Length Available : 90cmProduct Name : TS_Pine Wood Length Available : 90cm     Product Name : TS_Maple BrownLength Available : 90cmProduct Name : TS_White Pine WoodLength Available : 90cm..
Ex Tax:SGD9.90
Model: Triangle Cap Strip
Ex Tax:SGD6.90
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Vinyl Flooring in Singapore

Flooring is often the most expensive part of renovating your house. Saving money while getting the best design is truly a headache for new homeowners.

If you are in the market for flooring, we recommend you to consider Vinyl flooring regardless of your budget range. It is an old favourite for homeowners due to its low cost and massive range of designs.

Why you will love vinyl flooring:

Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain and clean because the material is oilproof and waterproof. There is no joint line between each tile which ensures that no dust will be trapped in your the floors of your home.

Real texture

Our Vinyl flooring tiles feel like genuine wood with none of the maintenance hassle! Laminating your wooden floorings yearly without fail? We say no to that and yes to Vinyl!

Various designs and colours

The design and colour of the flooring can be said to be the most crucial aspect when picking a flooring, and we are 100% confident in our range of creative designs and beautiful colours for our Vinyl floorings!

DIY vinyl floor panel

Vinyl tiles are simple to install. You do not require any adhesive and installation takes very little time.

In fact, it takes only 3-5 hours for complete beginners to lay the vinyl flooring for a typical master room in Singapore!

Affordable price

It is truly the most affordable flooring in Singapore.

Thus, it is the most popular floor material in modern homes.

Types of Vinyl Floor Panel

Self-adhesive vinyl floor panel (usually 1~3mm thickness)

Suitable for DIY flooring work, you do not have to remove your current flooring, and you can lay the new vinyl tiles on top of your existing flooring

Click and lock Vinyl tiles (usually 3~5mm thickness)

Suitable for DIY flooring work due to its interlocking system, no adhesive needed, albeit it is slightly more challenging to lay compared to the Self-adhesive Vinyl floor panel. Another advantage is that no residue will be left when removing these types of vinyl tiles.

Applied adhesive floor panel

We do not recommend this type for DIY purpose, as you need to use glue to fix the tiles into a floor panel. We will recommend consulting a contractor to lay these types of tiles.