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Water Adhesive

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With Water Adhesive Wallpaper you can activated the glue by
Simply dip 1 piece in water and hang onto the wall.

Just simple dip in the water for a minutes

Our wallpaper is prepasted with 100% water-based glue. The glue makes the wallpaper adjustable for a few minutes so you can never make a mistake!

Our Water Adhesive Wallpaper have so many designs
that will suit every room in your home
Traditional wallpaper patterns like wood or classic flowers
are perfect for a formal living room.

For bedroom you can choose modern, or simple design
because your bedroom should be a place to relax after a busy day,
or a space to make guests feel welcome when visiting

we also have a cute and colorful design for your kids bedroom or playroom
so your kid will never get bored and always have a good mood~