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Model: ANTI-Bacterial Sheet / Transparent sheet / Sanitization
Ex Tax:SGD12.00
Model: Decoration Window Sheet
2018 new Solar sheet: Static solar filmNWSF 01 & NWSF 02Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)NWSF01 & NWSF02 not self-adhesive, just use water to pasteMore premium than SF01 & SF03SF01 & SF03 is self adhesive solar sheetSF01 & SF03 is self adhesive solar sheet2018 new static window ..
Ex Tax:SGD17.00
Model: Window Sheet
Ex Tax:SGD9.99
Model: Solar Window Sheet
Korean made window sheet2018 new Solar sheet: Static solar filmNWSF01 & NWSF02Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)Size: 1m(w)x2m(L)NWSF01 & NWSF02 not self adhesive, just use water to pasteMore premier than SF01&SF03SF01&SF03 is self adhesive solar sheetSF01 & SF03 is self adhesive solar sheet..
Ex Tax:SGD19.00
Model: Solar WIndow Sheet
Ex Tax:SGD11.98
Brand: Hyundae Sheet Model: Window Frosted Sheet Solar and Privacy Protection
Ex Tax:SGD11.98
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Window Film in Singapore

Windows are a huge part of your home or office, so you might want to decorate them or enhance their aesthetic. Window film has multiple uses, especially in a metropolis like Singapore! For example, in offices, clear glass is commonly used to separate rooms to create the illusion of spaciousness.

However, in doing so, there is a lack of privacy between rooms. Window films act as a semi-privacy screen while allowing light to pass through giving you the perfect balance in design and practicality!

It can be used in many ways in residential buildings as well be it as a means to dim sunlight or for pure aesthetics.

I don't know about you, but I do not like it when the sun glares through the windows when I am trying to read a book or relax!

Why use our DIY window film?

  • A vast variety of patterns and designs to choose from, which can match with your home or office style
  • Multifunctional uses including privacy screen and sunlight filter
  • Helps cool the room by preventing heat penetration
  • Easy to install and change, you may change it anytime
  • Save cost on hiring a contractor, as it is DIY-able
  • Easy to clean
  • Additional safety to your space in case the window glass breaks
  • Premium quality product made in Korea

What sets us apart from other window sheet sellers?

Premium Products

All our window sheets are of the highest quality, and all our manufacturing partners have a reliable and lasting track record. All potential products undergo a thorough QC process before we start selling them; this is to ensure that we only bring the best to our customers.

Reliable and trustworthy

We have a long-standing record of providing our customers with premium products. We dare not tarnish our reputation and are committed to satisfying your decor needs!

Superior and professional customer service

Our team is highly knowledgeable about window sheets, which always provide value to our customers. We are able to tell you exactly the kind of window film you should get. You can call us anytime, and our friendly team will help you out with any of your inquiries and issues. You can also drop us an email at